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24 AUGUST 2017 – Castel Capital has completed an early stage investment in GetTransfer, a tech transportation start-up using pricing technology aimed at providing transfer bookings and chauffeured car rentals at market-leading prices. 
GetTransfer's booking platform focuses on (longer distance) transfers between airports, railway stations, cities, hotels, etc. and its technology is mainly targeting pre-booked travel. The company offers solutions for both the B-to-C and B-to-B market segments and the modes of offered transportation cover everything from an economy car to busses and limousines.
The company works actively with existing transportation companies and drivers, creating a win-win between all participants. The business model is intended to optimise the drivers' and companies' unused capacities in favour of the end-consumer. GetTransfer has a global reach covering all obvious and less obvious travel destinations.
The invested funds will be used to support the growth of the platform into new geographies as well as for the development of product offerings. 
About GetTransfer
GetTransfer enables travellers to book economic and secure transfers between airports, railway stations, cities, hotels, etc.
For more information on the company, please visit

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