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06 FEBRUARY 2017 – Castel Capital is the lead investor of an investment consortium backing Squeaky, a new clean energy venture targeting SMEs.
Squeaky is a P2P energy company, connecting U.K.-based commercial customers to generators of renewable energy via a proprietary platform. This platform offers customers clean, renewable energy direct from British generators for the same price as “dirty” power. The model is intended to cut out the middle man, and put small businesses at par with the energy deals available to large companies.
Customers can choose to buy electricity directly from a specific wind or solar farm.
Squeaky offers security of energy supply as it is backed by Europe’s largest renewable generator, which has an A-credit rating.
The new funds will be used for the growth of Squeaky platform as well as to strengthen the company’s high level management team.
About Squeaky
Squeaky enables local business customers to choose exactly the wind, solar, hydro or biomass energy generators they want to supply their renewable energy.

For more information on the company, please visit

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