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Company: Hattrick Sports Group Limited, a leading sports betting/virtual games B2B and B2C provider, operating in Spain, Romania, and the former Yugoslavia.

Strategic Investment Thesis: Gaming buy-and-build opportunity, taking advantage of the consolidation dynamics of the industry.
Value Creation: Throughout the investment period, gaming volume has been increased by over 7x, to Euro 350m and EBITDA grew from $1m to $18m. The growth was achieved through organic growth as well as through strategic M&A.
Deal Details:
Founders of Castel Castel originally sourced the deal in 2009 and served as investment advisors. They have assisted the business as Board members and through various other critical roles.

Exit: The exit - as investors - in Hattrick was realised in Q1 2017 through a sale of the equity to Fortuna Group.