Castel Capital invests in a unique and bespoke way in the private equity and VC asset class.

We assist our co-investors with creating their own virtual "family office", assisting with deal sourcing and investment decisions.

Castel Capital is founded on the idea of providing maximum flexibility to the needs of experienced investors, who require a different level of involvement than offered by more traditional private equity funds.


Our co-investors partner up with Castel Capital to execute their bespoke investment strategy, without being forced to have blind upfront commitments (including penalties) to invest in a pre-determined geographies or sectors (which is typical for a more standard private equity fund approach).


Family office

A Castel Capital co-investor remains in control of the investment decision on each investment and can decide to invest on a deal-per-deal (or small portfolio) basis, while having full access to Castel Capital’s professional deal selection and management approach.


"We create virtual family offices for our investment partners"


In addition, Castel Capital consistently invests the Partner's own funds, guaranteeing strong deal selection and full alignment with potential co-investors. 


Castel Capital can also assist third-party investors with the evaluation and management of their own projects and portfolio, throughout the full value chain. We provide strategic advice to our clients, gained through years of corporate finance, investment banking and senior experiences.


Finally, Castel Capital complements its other investment strategies with the possibility of on-boarding existing projects from third parties and guiding them through the valuation chain.


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